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To reserve your spot, it is required to pay a deposit of  10% in advance throught  wire transfer, or WISE (It´s like PAYPAL but with less commission)

Cabo pulmo is a very small village in a remote area, here there are NOT banks or ATMs available, internet is still limited, so for this reasons we DON'T accept credit cards at the moment.

The balance could be paid the day of the tour in cash or in the same way of the deposit the day before plus extra commission of 3%

 In the area we do not have physical access to the bank acccount or any cash to pay the workers and expenses, for this reason we apply 3% of commission for payments that are NOT in cash.

 We accept USD and EURO at the exchange rate of the day in Los Cabos




After your reservation  please understand that penalties may be applied for cancellations:


6 Days Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 6 Days prior to your activity taking place. You will receive a full deposit refund less the amount  subject to a service charge.


Cancelling within 6 Days

If you cancel within 6 Days of your scheduled activity you will be refunded 50% of the total amount paid. 

This percentage reflects our cost of booking and preparing your trip.


Cancelling within 2 Days

If you cancel within 2 days prior to your activity taking place, there will be NO deposit refund.


All tours are weather permitting. We constantly monitor the weather and sea conditions to ensure the safety of our guests. In the event of a canceled tour due to weather and/or sea conditions, we will contact you to reschedule the trip or change itinerary. If this is not possible, all deposit are refunded in full.

Thanks for your understanding.


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